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Ultimate Metal Polish Cream Knife Machine Polishing Wax Mirror Metal Steel Ceramic Watch Polishing Paste Rust Remover

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100% high quality
Thanks to its highly effective formula, this cream provides an all-in-one solution to clean, shine and protect your metal property. After removing all blemishes, it will leave a deep luster and has long-lasting, protective and anti-rust properties.
Due to its non-abrasive properties, it is completely safe and non-damaging to any metal products, making it widely applicable to copper, brass, pure silver, aluminum, stainless steel and even gold.
Immediately and safely remove rust, oxidation, rust, etc.
Clean, polish and protect once
Provides a long-lasting protective coating
100% non-abrasive and non-damaged
It is widely used in copper, brass, chromium, sterling silver, aluminum, stainless steel, gold, etc.
No pungent odor.
Paint a little on metal objects
Wipe with cloth
Size: 5g /10g
The package includes:
1pcs x Ultimate Metal Polish Cream

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