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Tronxy XY-3 SE-The Most Powerful 3-in-1 3D DIY Printer Ever



A powerful creative tool for makers that combines 3 essential features: Detailed 3D printing, Dual color 3D printing and Laser Engraving into one compact, easy to use printer.

Unlike other printers, XY-3 SE offers you a better, more immersive 3D printing experience with a highly interactive 3.5-inch full-color Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen with exclusive browser function. It allows you to preview prints in a crystal-clear mode: what you see is what you get! Fast response with error-free feedback for better results. Intuitive, user-friendly and simple to use.

Nothing is more painful than watching your build fail before your eyes due to imprecise printer stability or printers that lose synchronization between axes. Not to mention frustrating issues like walls caving in, curling, and cracking. Print without worry using Tronxy XY-3 SE! With dual z-axis and timing belt, the printing process becomes fluid, steady and speedy. Better synchronization, greater stability and higher printing accuracy for your most important projects

Tronxy is simple yet sublime. Its 2 main modular parts require only 10 screws for full assembly. Its so easy that anyone can put it together in less than 5 minutes. Unbox, plug in, switch on and start printing in a snap. Made of aluminum and rigid sheet metal, Tronxy XY-3 is incredibly strong, made for high-pressure, is corrosion-resistant and water-repellent. With superior rigidity, it delivers accurate prints every time.

A well-balanced and powerful extruder is essential for a fast, smooth, printing process with refined details. TITAN Extruders tried-and-true reliability is legendary for producing high-quality prints across a vast range of materials such as TPU, PLA, PETG, ABS, wood and more.

Tangled wires are troublesome and slow down productivity and creativity. The special made DuPont Cable saves you tons of time, keeps you organized with one-plug efficiency and lets you achieve maximum printing performance instantly.

A bigger and more lightweight leveling nut is labor-saving. No need to twist it back and forth for perfect bed alignment. Tronxys extra-large size is specially designed for ultra-high accuracy. Half the effort, but twice the results.

The automatic bed leveling feature is quite a common feature for FDM printers. But the complicated setups and low accuracy prints never make your printing process more efficient with a high successful rate. Tronxys smart acute sensor seamlessly handles auto leveling and delivers high-quality prints with accuracy.

Spin true without wobbles, squealing or grinding. The abrasion-resistant pulley works seamlessly with the timing belt and guarantees the printing process is stable, smooth and super productive.

For 3D printers, the controller board is the heart and soul of the machine. The XY-3 SE is built around the ultra-quiet 32-bit TMC chipset, Tronxys controller board is capable of minimizing current waves and effectively eliminating noise. It operates below 50dB for a quieter printing experience, perfect for home or office use.

Build failures are often caused by a short power outage of just a few milliseconds or a slight voltage fluctuation in your mains power. Dont worry, we got your back. Tronxy XY-3 SE has built-in intelligent protections that will automatically detect the power outage, save the current print status and continue printing once the power is restored.

The built-in smart filament sensor makes material run-off a thing of the past thanks to its ultra-high frequency sensing algorithm and enhanced reliability. It can track the movement, promptly detect and pause printing once the filament is exhausted with zero printing progress loss. Refeed the filament, press the confirm button and resume printing.

Plastic or acrylic bases dont last long because of the heating and contraction issues. Instead, you will love the Tronxy XY-3s lattice glass platform. Featuring excellent adhesion, fast & even thermal conductivity and high flatness, it remains solid and durable under repeated heating and cooling cycles. Sheesh, you dont even need a scraper to remove your prints. One hand, done. Easy removal, easy cleaning.

In the past, single color extruders greatly limited our boundless imagination and creative power. But Tronxys single extruder is an amazing exception capable of dual-color printing. Using Tronxys unique dual-color printing mode, two filament rolls of different colors simultaneously go through one extruder without mixing. Now you dont need to do anything risky like lying to your slicer or pausing at height to get multi-color results. Get Tronxy XY-3, and you have it all.

XY-3SE is the ultimate 3D printer and laser engraver hybrid, which offers jack-of-all-trades versatility with dual-color printing, 3D printing and laser engraving. With the 500mw swappable laser engraving head, you can easily let your inspiration flow and switch from 3D printing mode to laser engraving on multiple materials like wood, plastic, fabric, steel and more!

XY-3 never follows the beaten track as traditional open-source 3D printers do. Being an exceptional translator between hardware and software, Tronxys upgraded custom firmware takes your 3D printing experience to the next level. You can easily modify the printing parameters in a simple way with professional support for DIY projects. It lets you customize and enhance the printer perfectly to suit your application.

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The Team

Hey Kickstarter, we are Sleek DIY. Since the establishment of the company, the Sleek DIY Team has always believed in the power of creativity and inspired the development of the business with this belief. We want to grow with the maker community. Hopefully many of you can find gadgets or solutions here for your creative work.

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Tronxy is an old friend with our team. Chaoyuan Chen, the company's founder, has created a think tank full of talented people in 3D Printing industry who challenge the constraints of tradition with their professional pride.

Great Reviews from previous Tronxy 3D Printers.

XY-3SE is the result of hard work from both teams. Together we drew a blueprint: A 3D printer for everyone, giving ourselves and the world a gift no matter where and when so as to enjoy the knowledge and the fun of 3D printing anytime and anywhere.

The Original Design of XY-3SE.

Demo video including how to 3D printing and laser engraving:

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