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Trazon Outdoor Faucet Cover Socks for Winter Freeze Protection 2 Pack - Spigot Covers - Hose Bib Covers - Outside Faucet Covers Waterproof, Insulated, Large, 8" H x 5.9" W (Navy Blue)

by Trazon
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Brand: Trazon

Color: Navy Blue


  • Feel the difference: set of 2 outdoor faucet covers (8” H x 5.9” W x 1.4” L) is suitable for different faucet types like hose bibs, garden spigots, water taps. Safeguard the water line from freezing in winter, prevent the appearance of rust or corrosion on your spigots because of heavy rains, and avoid costly faucet repairs with our outside faucet covers. Save your money and time with an insignificant investment in the protection of your faucets!
  • Materials that last: You’ll use these covers for several seasons, especially considering the fact that they are compact and easy to store. The exterior part of the faucet cover is made of 210d oxford fabric, the same material used for tents and shoes. It resists rips and tears because it repels water and doesn’t let it ruin the dense fabric structure. Even your pets will have a hard time trying to get rid of a new thing on their territory!
  • Superb Insulation & water resistance: because 210d oxford fabric is waterproof, the cover keeps water away from your faucets preventing rust and corrosion. Being completely windproof, the cover won’t let the frosty wind get to the temperature-sensitive water lines that might get frozen. Better insulation is delivered by the silk floss layer inside. Winterize your outdoor faucets with our sock covers and guard them against freezing, rusting in severe and rainy weather.
  • Easy in use: installation of the outside faucet cover won’t take much time. Putting the cover on your taps is not the same as using foam covers or towels. Just pull the cover over the aggregate and fasten it tightly. Our covers come with a string tie system. It’s more reliable than velcro closures because the latter have a tendency to wear out and lose their properties. That’s the biggest perk of a string tie — it serves forever and ensures a snug fit of the cover.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Trazon outside faucet covers for cold weather are made to stand the storm, rain, wind, snow, and frost. Thousands of buyers have already tried our products and are pleased with how long-lasting these covers are. But if you experience issues with this item, you can return it for repair, replacement, or full refund. If we haven’t answered your question here, please contact us directly. We have a friendly team committed to bringing the best shopping experience for you.

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Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 7.8 x 3.4 inches

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