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Pearl e/Merge e/Hybrid Electronic Drum Set


Brand: PEARL


  • 5-piece Electronic Drum Set with Tuneable Heads
  • MDL-1 Sound Module
  • 3 x Cymbals

Details: Pearl's e/Merge electronic drum kits, with their fusion-sized Pearl shells and 6-ply tuneable PUREtouch pads, offer control and response like you've never experienced from an eKit. From the 14" snare to the 10/12/14" toms and 18" kick drum, these pads pull off the look and feel today's eDrummer demands. The easy-navigating MDL-1 module packs 35 kits and 700 sounds from a new library of vintage and modern Pearl drum sets and decades of Korg's electronic percussion and keyboard instruments, along with a 16GB internal memory for creating custom kits via USB and capturing live performances. Parceling it all together is Pearl's bar-setting Icon e-Rack, complete with Uni-Lock tom arms and cymbal booms for a fully customized setup.

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