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Paws & Pals Pet Bed Self-Warming Cushion Pad Soft Cozy Mat for Dogs Cats Kittens Puppies

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  • Includes Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Paws & Pals, a leader in pet products and accessories, is proud to offer you our Self-Warming Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats.

Give your furry friend a warm, cozy spot to rest and sleep.
This thermal bed is quilted with a thick batting that harnesses your pet's body temperature while providing a soft, cushioned surface for them to rest.
Your puppy, kitten, dog or cat will look forward to lounging in this comfy pet bed.
Designed specifically to channel your pet’s natural body heat into a warm bed of comfort.
it's particularly useful to help fight the winter chill.

The look of this pet bed is versatile to match almost any interior theme.
Position it in the bedroom, living room, hallway or anywhere else you want your furry buddy to stay.
The Paws & Pals pet warming pad also makes a nice companion for travel or for use in cars, hotels and airline carriers.
Its flexible design allows you to fold corners to the right proportions of your crate carrier or car seat.
When set up, this self-warming pet bed will surely be your pet’s favorite place.

It can be easily rolled up or folded for travel AND it is also a PERFECT FIT for the Paws & Pals Crates for use at home.
The non-slip tread on the reverse prevents shifting so your pet can navigate dreamland undisturbed.

At Paws & Pals, we know that you want top notch quality products with amazing service.

Paws & Pals is a new market leader and manufacturer of a wide variety of pet products and accessories.
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  • DIMENSIONS: Provides (25" x 37"x 1/2") of warm cushioning when unfolded.
  • QUILTED WITH A SELF-WARMING INNER LAYER of thick padding that harnesses your pet's body heat to keep them warm while they rest. 
  • Soft microfleece top for comfort - Non-slip textured bottom. Self-warming pet beds work by radiating heat back to your pet.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Can be easily folded or rolled compactly so you can take it wherever your pet goes, or use it for a soft, warm bed for a good night's rest at home. Fits in the Paws & Pals Kennels and Crates as well. 
  • Features trimmed corners to ensure a nice fit inside most pet crates and carriers.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Use mild detergent to hand wash or spot-clean. Air dry. Easy wash and care.
  • INCLUDES: One (1) Self-Warming Pet Bed. Self-heating pet bed suited for travel or in airline carriers, cars, hotels and more.
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