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Noty 4.0 RFID travel canvas minimal slim passport wallet


The best minimal passport wallet

  • The world is being through a very difficult time, but life goes on. The days will come when we can travel again, and we have to be more than ready.
  • Minimal and super functional,Noty4.0 wallet is super slim and holds everything you need during travel. :)


Perfect travel wallet

  • We are serious about making Noty wallet. After 3 generations of development, we believe we our newest design Noty4.0 can be perfect for your next travel, or everyday life.


Lightening access

  • When you are on the move, you might need some cards frequently. Now with Noty4.0, you can have subway by-pass, most frequently used credit card, and more cards within reach instantly.


Beautiful canvas

  • Noty4.0 wallet uses top quality dense canvas material, that is canvas with extreme fine threads thereby nice to touch, and very durable.
  • The material of Noty4.0 wallet has special treatment that to make it water repellent.
  • Noty4.0 looks so clean and slick that you can fit into all kinds of occasions. Play, work, meeting, travel. :)


Noty4.0 can hold many cards

  • Totally, Noty4.0 wallet has 7 card slots. 3 on the outside as quick draw slots, and there are other 4 inner pockets inside the wallet. Therefore, Noty4.0 can holds 10 to 15 cards.
  • Two inner card slots for the cash side of wallet.
  • Two more card slots for the passport side of wallet.


Slim n slimer

  • We designed Noty4.0 to be super compact even when loaded. Easily handle all you essentials and still stay slim in your pocket. :)
  • Noty4.0 is no thicker than a common smart phone, super light weighted and slick :)


Place for all kinds of SIM cards

  • Noty4.0 wallet has 3 slots for all sizes of SIM cards : SD, Mini, Nano, and a phone pin slot.If you have more than one SIM card for your phone, then Noty4.0 is perfect for you.
  • Your SIM card can fit into the card slot very tight and secure, so it won't go any where. :)
  • Noty4.0 comes with a phone pin in the pin slot, so that you can make the card change any time anywhere you need to. Worry free.


RFID protected

The term RFID refers to Radio frequency Identification. Such technology is widely used in many credit cards, membership cards, etc. Basically, a RFID card shall yield its information to radio signal emitted by a scanner. This is very convenient when we try to pay our bill, open a door, show our membership etc. But our card info can be leaked to dangerous people in the same way. Therefore, RFID protection is to shield cards from all radio signals by placing metal materials as cover to block radio frequency out. Noty4.0 wallet has inbuilt RFID blocking material, therefore can achieve RFID protection to some degree.


Passport slot sleeve

  • The passport sleeve in Noty4.0 can fit one to two passports, depend on the thickness your passports. :)


International currency friendly

  • Noty4.0 has two cash sleeves for different currencies or different size bills, so that users can separate bigger notes from smaller ones, or separate home currency with local currency, or ticket and receipts from money. Very useful.
  • Noty4.0 is big enough for most currencies. HK dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, Pound, etc.


Great zipper pocket

  • Zipper pocket is always useful, but they need to be very wide and flexible to be actually functional. A good zipper pocket should be able to stretch for users to see, and wide enough for hands to reach inside.
  • Noty4.0 wallet has a very wide zipper pocket. Super roomy for coins and all kinds of smaller items.
  • The pocket can be stretched to see and reach inside, even when the wallet is fully loaded. Finally a good zipper pocket that is actually pleasing to use.

Noty4.0 has 4 color options

  • Noty4.0 has 4 color options, grey, brown, green, black.


Happy new year gift

2020 is about to pass, and we sincerely wish all our backers to have a happy new year for 2021 !! We wish you guys can be traveling freely soon, and we offer the double early bird reward as new years gift, crazy discount and very limited, come and get them fast. :)


Production plan

  • Gathering order info: For two weeks, we shall wait for backers to answer their survey. Please note that backers can always change their address for our survey, however do shoot us an message when you about to do so. And do let us know ahead of time if you are moving. Kickstarter can be a long march :(
  • Confirm order and buy materials: For this step we shall start calculating the material we need and start ordering them.
  • Manufacturing: We shall work with our contractors and start making the products. Tell from experience that timing could be on and off for this stage, you never know. But even if you are off the schedule, please understand that we are only trying to make sure that our products are of good quality.
  • Packaging: Packaging can be quite challenging as well, since we have backers from all over the world. Have to be careful. :)
  • Shipping: Please note that our estimated delivering date is the shipping date, not arriving date. Shipping time could be quite different depends on the locations of each backer.


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