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NetZero: Capture Your Carbon Footprint in Your Lawn!



This one-time application will last up to ten years without any reapplication, special tools, or maintenance! Safe for children and pets.

NetZero Orbs are composed of ectomycorrhizae and endomycorrhizae fungi, which are proven to be effective in capturing significant amounts of atmospheric CO2.

Our mycelium technology forms a symbiotic relationship with plants’ root systems, extending their reach 1,000-fold, giving them access to water, nutrients, and allowing the plants to communicate under the soil while sequestering 50% of their carbon!

Our technology has been extensively vetted by independent scientists at dozens of sites in North America, Asia, and Africa.


NetZero is a biotech company in the climate drawdown space. We are able to account for every ton of CO2 pulled down from the atmosphere and sequestered in mycelium networks in the soil.

We plant forests using the Miyawaki Method which results in a forest that is 30 times as biodiverse as a traditional forestry project. We work with indigenous communities in the planning, planting, and maintenance of the site which provides beauty, shade, employment, food, herbal medicines, and employment at every site. We also inoculate the site with our NetZero mycelium blend.

A rough guide is one ton of CO2 is equal to 40 trees, though we also plant flowers, grasses, shrubs, and a wide variety of indigenous species to create an actual living forest and not just a tree plantation.

With 50 sites in North America, Asia, and Europe, our technology has been vetted by scientists at some of the top energy, construction, and utility companies, in addition to third-party scientists. Our founder and CEO, Joseph Kelly, was nominated for the Katerva Award, the “Nobel Prize for Sustainability,” for helping develop NetZero’s mycelium technology.

Our technology was also vetted by EEVs Insight LLC, Europe’s largest industrial process verifier, and was given a “green” light. Additionally, the team has worked with VERRA to have their mycelium technology vetted as a protocol with our scientific note being green-lighted.


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