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Mythroll Armory's TileFormers | Quick & Easy Dungeon Terrain


High durability, quick set up, portable, and less expensive TTRPG tiles that look great. Customizable without proprietary connectors.


...Your players decide to take a turn in the opposite direction. You haven't prepped for that. Introducing TileFormers: Super-affordable, fast and easy-to-improvise terrain for tabletop RPGs and wargaming.

The world of terrain has seen a lot of growth over the last few years.  Everything from beautiful, hand-crafted, and very expensive terrain, to cheap snap together terrains that can quickly form the building you bought.  So, why is this better?

There is currently nothing at a lower price point that lets you make ANYTHING you want, quickly and easily. A temple is always a temple in the snap-together world.  In the 3D molded world, the floor with one wall will always have one wall, while the floor with two walls will always have two walls.  They will never just be a floor which means you need to buy even more terrain.  Not to mention the sea of proprietary connectors out there now.  Can't it be simpler?

Why We Made TileFormers

We wanted to offer a visually appealing, easy to put together (and pack away) set of tiles that can be used for any campaign, any level of skill, in any TTRPG - and for a price that isn't going to ruin the GM.

Come Together 

With free-spinning magnetic pins, TileFormers don't use a propriety connector that will break with use. Each tile's magnets automagically orients itself to the opposing tile's magnets, making sure they're always pulling together. 

The square edges allow for a more supportive structure. This is important when you intend to play with miniatures in structures which have multiple levels and you need a supporting structure (vertical tiles) underneath. 

They pack flat, are easy to transport and are efficient to ship. 

The Grass & Road 50 Pack pictured above packs down and sticks together into five 3"x 3"x 3” cubes. They're super quick to set up before a game or on the fly, and can be anything you want them to be. We made TileFormers because in an improvised Tabletop RPG or Wargame, you should be able to quickly improvise with your terrain. 

 International Shipping 

Shipping is based on geographic regions and we (Mythroll Armory) have shipped over 5000 products successfully around the world. Our products will ship from our warehouse in Hong Kong which was strategically chosen for global distribution.

What's Included

This is what you can expect to receive in your package, depending on what level you back at:

  • Stone squares
  • Stone rectangles
  • Stone triangles
  • Wood squares
  • Daub squares
  • Grass straight roads with plain grass on the opposite side
  • Grass corner roads with plain grass on the opposite side
  • Clay tile squares with thatch on the opposite side
  • Clay tile triangles with thatch on the opposite side
  • Reusable decals (doors, window, torches, etc)

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