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High Strength Wall Microphone Voice Detecotor for Engineer Water Leakage Oil Leaking Hearing for Repair

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High Strength Wall Microphone Voice Detecotor Leaking For Repair Hearing Water Oil Leakage For Engineer


1. High-sensitivity detection of the sound of walls, windows, doors or armor plates, with earphones attached, the sound quality is clear.

2. Special pull back vehicle with secret listening device.

3. High sense metal probe.

4. Coming with earphone.

5. Small as a jelly.

6. Complete function:charge hole,earphone hole and switch knob upside.

7. Easy operate,cling to the door,window or wall.

8. Able to get the sound out from the wooden/brick wall, windows or door or armor plate.

9. High sensitivity detector.

13. How to use:

1) Clockwise turn the master switch to start the device

2) Adjust the volume until you hear the sound clearly


1. Cunsumption current:10mA

2. Usage battery:9v batteries

3. Four sections audioes choicde

A section 200Hz

B section 800Hz

C section 1200Hz

D section 2000Hz

4. Measuring element sensitivity: -70db

5. Highest audio enlargement multiple: 20000X

6. Penetrate sex:Cement wall,steel wall,wood wall,Iron wall,glass,cavity brick

7. Monitor style:Earphone, can outside meet speaker

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