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GENERAL ELECTRIC GE 6-Outlet General Purpose Power Strip, 6ft. Cord, Black - 14088

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  • 6 outlets
  • Keyholes for mounting

Now you can have enough room to plug in your favorite electronic items when you use the GE 6-Outlet General Purpose Power Strip with 6ft Cord. Use this at home or the workplace, as it is suitable for both places. With this GE power strip you can plug in power supplies, printers, modems, and other electronic gear. It is also useful for an entertainment center, accommodating a TV, DVD player, game system and other equipment. With its 6-foot cord, this black power strip gives you flexibility and a long reach when plugging in devices. A single switch allows you to power down all of your equipment with one push. Keyhole slots allow you to mount the strip to the wall, saving space and making outlets more accessible. It has grounded outlets and an integrated circuit breaker so your equipment is protected from surges and spikes in electricity. Stay connected with the GE 6-Outlet General Purpose Power Strip.

  • Convenient: Power more devices by turning 1 outlet into 6, accepts both polarized and grounded plugs
  • Protection: Protect your outlets from overload with the integrated circuit breaker and power switch
  • Extra-Long: Provides an additional 6 feet of tangle-free cord, enabling you to place the power strip almost anywhere you'd like, including behind or underneath furniture, thanks to its slim design
  • Mountable: For even more convenience, keyholes have been placed on the back of the power strip for easy wall mounting
  • Safe: UL Listed, 3-prong grounded outlet provides additional safety
Instructions:. This six outlet strip is rated for 15 amps total. The combined load must not exceed 15 amps or 1800 watts. The circuit breaker will interrupt power in case of an overload condition. If power to the outlets is shut down, you will need to reset the power switch to restore power. Follow the instructions below:. 1. Unplug the power strip from the wall receptacle. 2. Ensure the total load of the connected devices does not exceed 15 amps or 1800 watts. Remove devices as needed. 3. Plug the power strip back into the wall receptacle. 4. Reset the power switch to restore power to the outlets.
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