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Eastar Frame Drum Percussion Instrument Musical Instrument With Beater Hand Drum Goatskin Drumhead Hand Bell, 10"

by Eastar

Brand: Eastar


  • Start For Frame Drum:The frame drum is a very flavorful instrument. Players can make sounds by striking different parts of the drum. This frame drum does not come with a frame, but it can be used as an entry-level frame drum. The sound and performance skills Basically the same.
  • Poplar Drum Cavity: 0.335inch (8.5mm) thick poplar drum body provides the best vibration for this tambourine. (Do not drop the tambourine to the ground, otherwise the bell piece and drum body will be damaged.)
  • Goat Drum Skin: Eastar's Tambourine is made of goat skin. The animal skin can make a very flexible sound compared to the artificial drum skin, and the sound has a more layered and richer sound. The drum head is fixed on the drum cavity with Black nylon cloth and strong glue, which is very strong.
  • Rhythm Instrument: The user can hold the tambourine with one hand and tap the drum head with the other hand to follow the rhythm of the music. It can make a very, very pleasant sound.
  • Included Content:Eastar 10" Frame Drum With Stick x 1 ,12-Month Product Service.

Details: Eastar Would Never Disappoint You. The main purpose of Eastar's entry frame drum is to let people who have not touched the frame drum try the sound and use of the frame drum. 1: Because its size is too small and its positioning is entry-level, all have no frame, but the basic sounds and main playing methods are basically the same as ordinary frame drums. 2: The frame of this frame drum is made of poplar wood painted with varnish, which looks good and feels delicate. 3: Specially processed sheepskin drumhead, good resilience, wear-resistant and durable, waterproof. Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Product Service Support,Please contact us if you have any problem ,we will rely to you as soon as possible. Specifications Size:10 inch Suit:Beginner Drum Skin:Goatskin Drum Frame Material:Poplar Package Weight: 0.35kg/0.77lb Package Size:7.84(L) x 7.84(W)x 1.97(H)Inches /20(L) x20(W)x 4.5(H)CM Package included: Eastar 10" Frame Drum With Stick x 1

Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 10.6 x 2.2 inches

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