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Ceramic Knife Chef with Sheath Cover Box and Cookbook 8 inches - Today Only - 40% OFF - Exclusive MysteryDeal Offer!

by Vos


Brand: Vos

Color: Green


  • LIGHT AS A FEATHER: When holding our ceramic knife chef you will be glad it's so lightweight it doesn't feel like you're holding anything, because you'll have much more control when you're slicing things up
  • ULTRA SHARP: the professional chef's ceramic knife has ultra-sharp ceramic blades that last 10 times longer than steel. The ceramic blades are versatile, and they are best to chop, cube, or cut easily
  • A SPECIALLY DESIGNED GRIP: Once you feel comfortable holding the best ceramic chef knife we've ever created, it will turn you from amateur to professional, and you'll not want to slide it into your ceramic knife sheath when you're done.
  • AS PURE AS SNOW: Everything in your new ceramic knife is rust-proof and easy to clean, plus our hardened zirconia blades are impervious to anything in the kitchen they will ever come into contact with when you're cooking.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Based on the quality's confidence, our ceramic chef knife is protected by worry-free support. At Vos ceramic knife, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Binding: Kitchen


It's too easy to get carried away!

In case you're wondering how fast you'll be able to slice through things, let's just say the mineral hardness is closer to a
diamond than normal steel. It also allows it to stay razor sharp for 15 times longer than your current knifes, and it's
impenetrable to anything from acid to oil. It will feel like an extension on the end of your hand, and those dark days taking
ages to prepare vegetables will be gone forever.

Everything comes back to control!

Give an amateur samurai the sharpest sword in the world and they'll not know what to do with it, but once they've learned
how to control it they'll be able to perform magical feats. Your chef knife skills will be because of how light it feels in your hand,
which is roughly half the weight of the ones you use right now. The specially-designed handle adds the finishing touch,
and you'll never feel as comfortable holding another knife again as soon as you touch it.

Your Japanese chef knife should always be:

- Easy enough to rinse clean under water within a few seconds.

- Packing a durable sheath to prevent accidents from happening.

- Well-balanced when you're holding it in your hand.

- Unable to leave a bad taste or smell on anything it touches.

- Capable of saving you time by staying really sharp for years.

If you think you like the knife you're using at the moment, you'll be in for a shock once you try this one for the very first time. Click 'Add to Cart' now!

Package Dimensions: 14.8 x 3.0 x 1.3 inches

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