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Capacitive Microphone Kit, Condenser Microphone, Live Game and Recording Live K Song Best Choice (MKF-White)

by Genrics

Brand: Genrics

Color: MKF-White


  • Function:Capacitor microphone set, Audio studio microphone, widely used in recording studio, radio, stage performances, film and television post-production,gaming microphone,
  • Convenient:With adjustable microphone hanging shear arm, plug and play, no-drive, mobile phone, computer, tablet can be used
  • Performance:The sound-absorbing screen is made of sound-absorbing cotton material, the inner layer is soundproof to reduce the echo, and the outer layer can filter the unwanted noise.
  • Excellent performance in both voice and instrument: Broadband response makes it an ideal microphone for capturing voice, acoustic guitar, acoustic piano and even string because capacitors can take accurate snapshots and capture all the nuances inherent in these instruments.
  • Standard: Microphone, Audio Wire, Windproof Cotton, Specification, Shockproof Frame, Product warranty within one year, if there is a problem, please contact us within 7 days.

Binding: Electronics

Details: Capacitive microphone frequency :30 Hz-20KHz loudest voltage level :120 dB S.PL. playback function :1 dB-25dB gain adjustable adjustable adjustable noise reduction capacitor KTV audio studio recording microphone, suitable for computer, radio broadcast room, voice control room, sound studio, home recording, game and video chat, active mute switch, integrated headphone output, drive-free USB interface connection, plug and play, free volume adjustment, full tone, record a good song, sing to loved ones listen

EAN: 0783926596085

Package Dimensions: 16.7 x 8.2 x 2.5 inches

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