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BEYELIAN Volume Fans Invisible Base Eyelash Extensions 0.07mm C Curl 4D Premade Fan Lashes Soft Short Stem PRO Use Semi Permanent Lash Extensions (0.07 C 10mm)

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Color: 4D C


  • ★ KEY FEATURES: Volume Fans Lashes has short and invisible base, completely KNOT-FREE. It also has wider width fans, easily create more natural lash style. It helps much in speeding up the process of applying the lashes, because you do not need create lash fans manually. Volume Fans Lashes is friendly to natural lashes and won’t damage natural lashes
  • ★ About the THICKNESS: some lash artists say 0.07mm are too thin, cannot use. However,they are soft and natural. They are NOT STIFF. Actually every lash type has its own advantage. Lash tech can choose lashes depending on cliens' preference. Also premade fans can be used together with classic ones to create hybrid sets.You can have a try
  • ★ USAGE: work perfectly for volume lashing. The lashes are mainly professional use applied by lash artits with some eyelash extension accessories, such as tweezers, medical grade glue, eye gel pads, lash primer, mascara wands, etc. These are applied to 1 Lash at a time
  • ★ MATERIAL: the lash is made of black PBT, PolyButylene Terephthalate, it is like polyester, is durable and can stand high temperatures and a variety of solvents (facial cream or cleaners). They are very soft and lightweight, just like your own lashes. The thicker they are the more stiff they are. For example, 0.20mm is stiffer than 0.07mm. Moreover, it is still an environmentally friendly material
  • ★ ITEM TYPE: this is premade volume fans perfect for creating full dramatic looks.If you want wholesale or customized package, please feel free to contact us

Details: About Beyelian Beauty
Beyelian Beauty is specialized in Eyelash Extension Products and Lash Application Tools. What we've always cared about are Good Quality, Reasonable Price,
Considerate Service and YOUR EXPERIENCE.
Magic of Eyelash: a little change will make you better.

About Beyelian Beauty Premade Fans Lashes
Premade Fan Lashes helps much in speeding up the process of applying the lashes. With this inventive product, a cluster of black lashes have been delicately, but firmly,
attached at the root and curled outwards in a Fan effect. This allows the Fan to then be easily applied to one eyelash hair, thereby quickly and effectively tripling the volume of the eyelash.

Volume Fans Lashes inherit all the great features of popular classic lashes - their ultra-light weight, classic superior curl retention, and natural black sheen.
The Volume Fans are knot-free, have a very short and thin base which is invisible, and won't damage natural lashes.

3D:Each tray contains 228 fans/684 lashes
4D:Each tray contains 108 fans/432 lashes
5D:Each tray contains 108 fans/432 lashes
6D:Each tray contains 108 fans/432 lashes
8D:Each tray contains 108 fans/432 lashes
10D:Each tray contains 108 fans/432 lashes

Available sizes of Beyelian Volume Fan Lashes: 3D 4D 5D 6D 8D 10D in both 0.05mm 0.07mm 0.10mm and 0.15mm in C and D curl. 3D lashes are for natural look, 4D-10D are for full and volume look.
For any questions about the item, please feel free to contact us.

Package Dimensions: 4.7 x 2.6 x 0.6 inches

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