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Bell + Howell Swivel Power Surge Protector Electric Charging Station 6 Outlets 3 USB Ports with 180 Degrees Swivel Rotation, Quick Charging - 9 Devices in One

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  • CHARGE 9 DEVICES: Comes with Six, 3-pronged outlets for faster charger, and 3 USB ports for everyday devices like cellphones, tablets, music players, etc.
  • SAFE, RAPID CHARGING: Plug in all 9 devices at once. Rapidly charge mobile phones, tablets or laptops without causing battery stress, thereby maintaining manufacturer-suggested battery life of expensive devices or gadgets.
  • WITH SURGE PROTECTION: With built-in 3000 watt surge protection. Now you can safely charge 9 devices at once while protecting gadgets from voltage spikes.
  • SWIVEL DESIGN: Swivel Power rotates 180 degrees on its base allowing you to easily access the outlets or ports from a comfortable position, without requiring you to closely bend over and straining your back.
  • WIRELESS and COMPACT: The Swivel Power is The perfect solution to organize areas around outlets due to its wireless feature. And with it’s compact size, Swivel Power Stores easy in any drawer or compartment.

Our smart charging station uses rapid smart charging technology to charge all your devices quickly. We also include a device holder on top where you can safely and compactly store your phone and tablet while charging. This charging station is unique in that it includes a 180 degree design. You can fully rotate the device in order to have easy access to all the outlets and USB ports. All power outlets on device are protected with surge suppressors that can prevent voltage spikes when using multiple devices. Charge everything you need without worry.

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