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Angle Rulers Gauges Tri Square Sliding T-Bevel with Wooden Handle Level Measuring Tool Wooden Marking Gauge Protractor

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Bullet points:
1. By locking the wing nut in the desired position, the angle can be recognized quickly and easily, used for measuring and transmitting the angle, and used as a marking gauge.
2. The angle measuring ruler can be used to accurately and conveniently measure the internal and external angles and transfer them to the processed material. It is also used to draw lines parallel to the edge of the fabric. Save time and improve your work and productivity.
3. The angle bevel gauge is an intelligent solution that can be transferred to the workpiece for convenient angle measurement, which is very suitable for laying floors or furniture manufacturing.
4. It is an accurate measuring tool suitable for engineering, angle measurement, student drawing, architectural design, woodworking, and length measurement. It is an ideal gift for students, craftsmen, architects and designers.
5. Angle measuring tools are simpler and more accurate than standard protractors. It is very suitable for molding crowns, shells, skirting boards, decorations, vinyl wood and laminate flooring, decks, etc. It is a valuable tool for carpentry finishing and home renovation projects, and it is a must for carpenters.

Material: Plastic
Size: 31 *3*2cm
Weight: 76g

Package included:
1*Angle ruler

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