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4 Channel 3-Pin XLR Male to Single Ethercon Cable -Compact Cat6 Multi Network Snake Receiver- for Live Stage, Home Studio Recording- XLR, AES, DMX Channels Over RJ45 Cat5/Cat6 Ethernet Cable…

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  • 4-CHANNEL XLR TO CAT6 ETHERCON- Enjoy a compact, multi-network adapter box that minimizes mess and allows the connection of up to 4 XLR channels to a single ethercon CAT5/CAT6 cable
  • SMART, CLEAN & EFFICIENT SET UP- The perfect solution for small home studios, medium venues, for rack mounted rigs with XLR ins/outs, where saving space and staying agile is of essence. Printed numbers on each in/out for maximum efficiency.
  • MADE TO LAST- Our multi network breakout comes with high-end OFC conductors coated by heavy duty protective shield and heat shrink so that you can always count on it dependably performing for years on end.
  • BALANCED SIGNAL OVER LONG DISTANCES- The Coluber Cable stage snake receiver preserves audio fidelity over standard CAT cables. Enjoy a robust build that needs no external power to operate, keeps wire crossing at bay, gives minimum coloration to your sound, and works with both Analog and Digital signals.
  • FIND THE PERFECT TOOL THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS- We’re proud to offer multiple variations of our multi-network adapter box. Choose between right-angle XLR male, right-angle XLR female, ¼” TRS setups, find the right color and length option and make clean, efficient practicality a centerpiece to your setup.

Details: Audio-over-cat goes plug-and-play! Busy performers can finally ditch the onstage obstacles with this conveniently compact Stage Box. Designed for easy transport and seamless sound transmission, the system allows you to run multiple XLR lines into a central interface, which then connects to a lighting console, mixer or recorder via a single Cat5 cable. Whether your craft requires many microphones, stage lights, instruments, speakers or other audio gear, the unit’s bi-directional capability, digital/analog compatibility and passive (no power) composition makes setup an absolute breeze. From live concerts to studio recordings to school assemblies and beyond, this handy kit provides the ultimate in audio and lighting versatility.Supplies are also built with the highest quality materials for dependable, long-lasting performance at home or on the road. Keep a system in your music case or lighting equipment, and say goodbye to mixed up lines and messy eyesores. So clean up your act, and add a Coluber Stage Box to your cart today!

Package Dimensions: 6.8 x 4.7 x 2.0 inches

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