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2Pcs Universal Chamber Safety Flag Built-In Flathead Tool for 9Mm .45 ACP .22Lr, .223, 5.56 .308 Portable Hunting Accessories

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2pcs Universal Chamber Safety Flag Built-in Flathead Tool For 9mm .45 ACP .22lr, .223, 5.56 .308 Portable Hunting Accessories

1.Color:Black / Red / Yellow
2. Weight: About 50g
3. Material: Polymer Composite Material
4. Package Includes:Pack of 6
▪ Used to clearly signal your firearm chamber as empty to others when not in use
▪ Chamber flag for use with most common rifle and pistol calibers including 9mm, .45 ACP, 22lr, .223, 5.56, and .308
▪ Includes built-in flathead tool adjusting rifle scope windage and elevation
▪ Also includes a slide-on Picatinny rail adapter for conveniently storing your flag between uses without losing it
▪ Crafted from hardened polymer composite material to withstand use with the most rugged of firearms

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