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25Ml Professional Eyelash Glue Remover Liquid Eyelash Tweezers Cleaner Sponge Eyelashes Extension Cleaner

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1. This product can quickly and effectively remove the glue remaining on the tool and is suitable for various grafting tools.
2. Gently clamp and clean without residue.
3, the product is safe and efficient, and the removal effect is strong.
4. The product has degumming, sterilization and disinfection functions.
5. The operation is simple, and the surface of the tweezers is clean and bright after use.

Steps for usage:
Step 1. Residue
The glue remaining on the tool tweezers can be cleaned or stored for a long time and can be quickly removed.
Step 2. Soak / pinch the sponge
Dip the remaining tweezers into the bottle and gently hold a few sponges, then remove them after a few seconds of soaking. (You can soak more residual stains for a long time)
Step 3. Wipe
After removing, wipe the remaining detergent with a cleaning cotton.

Product Type: Eyelash Glue Tweezers Cleaner
Size: 6x 2.5cm
Capacity: 25ml
Method of storage: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.

Package include:
1PCS X Eyelash Tweezers Cleaner(Random Color)

1. Do not let the cleaning solution contact the skin to avoid adverse reactions. When not in use, keep it out of the reach of children.
2. The actual color of the project may differ slightly from the image displayed on the website.
Caused by many factors, such as display brightness and light brightness.
3. Caused by the sponge,liquid is not filled will bottle.
4. Please allow 1-5mm hand measurement error.

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