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15Pcs Kitchen Heavy Grease Cleaner Range Hood Stove Oven Grease Stain Foam Detergent Grease Away Household Cleaning Products

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15pcs Kitchen Heavy Grease Cleaner Range Hood Stove Oven Grease Stain Foam Detergent Grease Away Household Cleaning Products

  • Product: Kitchen heavy oil cleaner

  • Product features: super concentrated, one piece can be sprayed with grease after 100ml of water

  • Product advantages: no injury to hands, no irritation, safety and environmental protection

  • Net weight: 3g per piece, 15 pieces in a box

  • Fragrance: Lemon

Correct adaptation method: (please use the correct method to ensure its effect, and look forward to your comments on the experience of buyers and friends)

1. Fill the watering can with water (the effect of warm water is better)

2. Put the effervescent tablet into the watering can and wait for it to dissolve completely

3. Spray on the surface of the object, wait for 5-10 minutes after covering the oily surface

4. Wipe and clean with a damp cloth. After wiping with a damp cloth, wipe with a dry cloth.

Main Features:

  • Just Add Water-- Fill a Sprayer with warm tap water & put effervescent tablets! Be sure to let the tablets fully dissolve BEFORE use! One effervescent tablet is about 100ml water.

  • Streak Free Clean On Any Hard Surface-- Formulated to cut through grease, oils & stickiness anywhere. Perfect for kitchen countertops and safe to use in food preparation areas.

  • Plant And Mineral Based-- PH neutral. Natural ingredients. Safe for kids & pets. No need to use bleach, ammonia or other harsh chemicals to break down grease and dirt.

  • No Injury To Hands--Patented invention unique buffer degreasing factor, pure food-grade formula,no injury to hands , no irritation, safety and environmental protection. Dissolve the oil quickly

  • Pleasant Smell--Powerful Lemon Formula Kitchen Clean Effervescent Tablet Powerful Foaming Detergent.

Using Methods:

1. Pick up a watering can with spray gun function and fill the watering can with an appropriate amount of water. It is recommended to use warm water of 65 to 75 degrees to dissolve completely.
2. Pour 1-2 tablets of this product into the water and wait for the product to completely dissolve in the water. The dissolution time is 15 to 30 minutes.

3. After the solution returns to room temperature, shake to use.
4. Spray the product directly on the oily place, and wipe the surface of the object with a damp cloth. Wipe and clean.

Usage Scenarios:

Suitable for heavy grease in household kitchens, range hoods, gas stoves, tableware degreasing, etc.

package contens:

  • 15 capsules/boxÂ



  • Do not mix with other cleaning agents, for allergic skin, please wear gloves.

  • Do not swallow this product and keep it away from children. If swallowed, drink plenty of water or cause vomiting, and bring this product for medical advice.


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